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Quotes for
Haimon Ilora (Character)
from Farewell Calm Days (2010)

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Farewell Calm Days (2010)
Payne: [Enters] What's the matter, Primera? Losing your cool?
Primera: I just hate being wrong.
[Kicks a Rock that Payne catches and crushes]
Primera: Thanatos went after his brother. Darkhex is gone! Where the hell have you been?
Payne: If you wanted something done, you should have called ME in the first place.
Primera: If I were to send you out there. You wouldn't have stopped at those three, you would have kept on killing people...
Haimon Ilora: This wouldn't have happened if you didn't let them go.
Primera: You're right... I did let them go.
Primera: I hate making mistakes too.