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Quotes for
Loray (Character)
from Paradise (2013/I)

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Paradise (2013/I)
Lamb Mannerheim: I'm not a show girl.
Loray: Nobody cares what you are, hon.
Lamb Mannerheim: I care very much. I care about the message that I send out into the world. Besides, I could never do that anyway, people would stare. My skin.
Loray: Yeah, well I got a skin condition too. It's called black. "People would stare."

William: You know how when you're a kid, and you go to bed, and it snows over night, and you wake up the next day, and everything looks pure and pristine and perfect, and you just wanna get your boots on and get out there and mess it up?
Loray: I'm from Florida.

Loray: There *are* girls here that are looking stupid on purpose. At least you can't help it.

Lamb Mannerheim: I realized we *do* have something in common.
Loray: We do, huh?
Lamb Mannerheim: Yeah. You don't have any black friends, either.

Loray: Maybe it's just a Tuesday night, and I'm trying to be your magical a negro?
Lamb Mannerheim: Um, my what?
William: No! No!
Loray: Magical negro. Magical negro is a narrative convention in which a black person uses her special black wisdom to help a white person in need.