Maxine Seagrave
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Maxine Seagrave (Character)
from "Under the Dome" (2013)

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"Under the Dome: Speak of the Devil (#1.11)" (2013)
James 'Big Jim' Rennie: [sees a funnel cloud] What the hell?
Maxine Seagrave: Hell's right here.

Julia Shumway: Can I help you?
Maxine Seagrave: Right now, you can't even help yourself.
[Shoots her]

James 'Big Jim' Rennie: You and I need to talk. Somebody shot Julia Shumway.
Maxine Seagrave: It's a perilous world we live in.
James 'Big Jim' Rennie: I know it was you.
Maxine Seagrave: Well, Barbie said the one word a girl hates to hear: "No".
James 'Big Jim' Rennie: Where is this going, Max?
Maxine Seagrave: That's up to you, Jimmy. Life's all about making the right choices. You make the right one, you play nice, and it's good between us. You step out of line like Barbie did...

Maxine Seagrave: Jim killed my mother, Barbie. I don't suppose he told you that, did he?
Dale 'Barbie' Barbara: You two are just the same.
Maxine Seagrave: I don't think so. You and me, though well, that's a different story. We were good together.
Dale 'Barbie' Barbara: No, we were never good. You paid me, I did a job, that's it.
Maxine Seagrave: Well, it's a good thing you're handsome, brother, because you sure are thick sometimes.
Dale 'Barbie' Barbara: What do you mean?
Maxine Seagrave: I mean, I'm giving you a chance. To live.
Dale 'Barbie' Barbara: What, with you? Max, you *shot* Julia.
Maxine Seagrave: She was never right for you, anyway.
Dale 'Barbie' Barbara: You're the one who's not right, Max.

"Under the Dome: Let the Games Begin (#1.10)" (2013)
Maxine Seagrave: Word of advice, Barbie. Whatever you and Big Jim were huddling about at Town Hall be careful. You can't trust him.
Dale 'Barbie' Barbara: You mean kind of like how I can trust you?

Maxine Seagrave: It's been, what, nine days since the dome came down? There's been no TV, there's been no Internet, there's been no fun at all.
Dale 'Barbie' Barbara: Right, so now you smell an opportunity for your usual booze, cards, brothels.
Maxine Seagrave: Hey. I don't deal in prostitution. Ever.

Maxine Seagrave: Say somebody needs eggs for his family and he's got some spare batteries. He comes in here, tries his luck. If he wins, he trades up. If he loses... I win.
Dale 'Barbie' Barbara: Uh, people are already bartering around town.
Maxine Seagrave: Yeah, that's for needs. In here, it's about vices. Come on. Everybody's got 'em. Even you.
Dale 'Barbie' Barbara: [Stares at her in disbelief] You realize *survival*'s at stake.
Maxine Seagrave: Yeah, mine. If I'm gonna be trapped in this hellhole, I am gonna live as well as I can.

Maxine Seagrave: Tonight was rather successful, wasn't it? I won. You helped me win. I've always known - and I think you have, too - that we make a damn good team. And as long as this dome is around, I could see us making this town our playground.
Dale 'Barbie' Barbara: These people aren't gonna let you win. Yeah, you got a few that owe you something now, but at the end of the day, that ain't a whole hell of a lot.
Maxine Seagrave: Yeah, until more people owe me and then more people on top of them. I'll live the way I want, Barbie. We will live the way we want.
Dale 'Barbie' Barbara: What if you don't get more? Huh? You don't get your whiskey? You don't get me?
Maxine Seagrave: Then I'll burn the place down.