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Quotes for
Chic Johnson (Character)
from Hellzapoppin' (1941)

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Crazy House (1943)
Ole Olsen: Chic, why did you do that? Why did you shoot those lovers?
Chic Johnson: This is gonna be one movie without a happy ending.

Chic Johnson: Wanna see something swell?
Mumbo: Yeah!
Chic Johnson: Here, put this sponge in water.

Chic Johnson: Are you the bellboy?
Bellhop: Yes.
Chic Johnson: Take this.
[Hands him the Liberty Bell]
Chic Johnson: No cracks.

Hellzapoppin' (1941)
Chic Johnson: How much do you charge for haunting houses?
Harry Selby: How many rooms?

Chic Johnson: [talking to the viewers/screen] Hey, Louie! Rewind this film, will ya?
Louie: What's the matter with you guys? Don't you know you can't talk to me and the audience?
Ole Olsen: Well, we're doin' it, aren't we?
Chic Johnson: Yes, folks, this is Hellzapoppin'!
[giggling uncontrollably]