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Quotes for
Bilge Smith (Character)
from Follow the Fleet (1936)

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Follow the Fleet (1936)
Bilge Smith: Boy, I hope I pick something good this time. I'm always getting school teachers.
Bake Baker: Why not? You've got a lot to learn yet.

Bilge Smith: Hi ya, baby.
Connie Martin: Hello, sailor.
Bilge Smith: So, you know my name.
Connie Martin: Haven't we met before?
Bilge Smith: That's what I should have said.

Connie Martin: All right, sailor, I surrender.
Bilge Smith: Unconditionally?
Connie Martin: Well, I'm willing to discuss terms.
Bilge Smith: Okay, baby, let's get outta here. Let's find someplace where we can - talk.

Connie Martin: [after a long embrace and kiss] Kinda takes my wind out of my sails.
Bilge Smith: There aren't any sails these days, baby. Just steam. Full steam ahead!

Bilge Smith: Baby, I'd like to be captain of your ship.

Bake Baker: You might as well know, that whole thing with Iris Manning last night was just a gag.
Bilge Smith: What?
Bake Baker: Yeah, I framed you to show you that while you were running around with that bottle of peroxide you were passing up a girl you were really nuts about.