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Prince Vince (Character)
from "Beetlejuice" (1989)

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"The Nostalgia Critic: Alice in Wonderland (#7.9)" (2014)
[the Critic and Malice run into Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter, dressed as a Tweedledee/Tweedledum pair]
Malice: Who in the blazes are you?
Johnny Depp: If you're looking for strangeness, you needn't look harder.
Helena Bonham Carter: For he's Tweedledepp and I'm Tweedlecarter.
Nostalgia Critic: Oh, that's right, the ceremonial Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter appearances.
Malice: But I thought that they were talented actors, playing a variety of characters.
Nostalgia Critic: They were, until they found their niche playing crazy eccentric homeless-looking people.
Johnny Depp: For I'm the Mad Hatter and her the Red Queen. We chew up the scenery scene after scene.
Helena Bonham Carter: We act through bad wardrobe and hair that's insane, and make-up so thick, it'd rival "Hunger Games".
Johnny Depp: We bulge out our eyes.
Helena Bonham Carter: And twiddle our fingers.
Johnny Depp: Doing this gets us both 'round near ten figures.
Nostalgia Critic: Yes, and as you'll notice, neither of them really do anything different.

Nostalgia Critic: Why bring sense and logic to a world that celebrates having no sense and logic? It just sucks the fun out of it.
Helena Bonham Carter: Who would want fun when there's gloom instead?
Johnny Depp: That's like talking through your teeth, not hearing what's said.

"Beetlejuice: Prince of the Neitherworld (#1.11)" (1989)
Minion #1: Prince Vince, we've all signed a petition.
Minion #2: We want that miserable excuse for a court jester arrested and hung by his toes!
Prince Vince: Would it be all right if I just fired him instead?