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Quotes for
Vanda (Character)
from Venus in Fur (2013)

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Venus in Fur (2013)
Thomas: She taught me the most valuable thing in the world.
Vanda: And what did she teach you?
Thomas: That nothing is more sensual than pain. That nothing is more exciting than degradation.

Vanda: Thank me.
Thomas: Thank you.
Vanda: Thanks to whom?
Thomas: Thank you, mistress.

Vanda: Any other director I know would have already jumped on me.
Thomas: I'm not "any other director".
Vanda: Bullshit. If he thought he could, he would have already done.
Thomas: Not true.
Vanda: Not even if I allowed him?

Thomas: Hail, Aphrodite!
Vanda: So, you haven't forgotten.
Thomas: Forget? My most dear and old enemy?
Vanda: You're too kind.
Thomas: Yes.
Vanda: I don't have the right to a little kiss? That's better, Thomas... Oh! I said Thomas? Oops! It's so cold in here. Every time I come to visit you, I am cold.
Vanda: See? I already have an inflamed bronchi.
Thomas: If you do not passed time to walk around naked...
Vanda: However, I am Venus, I have to be naked. It's part of the job. Don't you want to take off those rough clothes, come and hold you close to me? There is so much room here under my fur.
Thomas: No, thank you.
Vanda: I brought this vision to you, directly from Olympus. It's divine. See the label? Made in Olympus.
Thomas: Why? Why should I care about your vision?
Vanda: I know your small flaw. You're not interested in women. You feel concerned for their fur, and you should marry an otter.
Thomas: I understand better with an otter than with a woman.
Vanda: But if I spread my legs under the mink, you'll refuse a little love?
Thomas: It's "a little love" you suggest? No, it's the power that interests you.
Vanda: Dare you resist me?
Thomas: Yes, I dare.
Vanda: Séferin, I want you on the ground, at my feet. Beg me.
Thomas: Never.
Vanda: You already belong to me and I will belong to you until the end of time.
Thomas: Never.
Vanda: Auf wiedersehen, my friend. The back.
[breaks from character]
Vanda: And then poof, it disappears.