Hugh Alexander
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Hugh Alexander (Character)
from The Imitation Game (2014)

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The Imitation Game (2014)
John Cairncross: The boys, we're going to get some lunch.
[no response]
John Cairncross: Alan?
Alan Turing: Yes?
John Cairncross: I said we're going to get some lunch.
[no response]
John Cairncross: Alan?
Alan Turing: Yes?
John Cairncross: Can you hear me?
Alan Turing: Yes.
John Cairncross: I said we're off to get some lu-...
[disrupts himself]
John Cairncross: This is starting to get a little bit repetitive.
Alan Turing: What is?
John Cairncross: I had asked, if you wanted to come have lunch with us.
Alan Turing: No, you didn't, you said you were going to get some lunch.
John Cairncross: Have I offended you in some way?
Alan Turing: Why would you think that?
John Cairncross: Would you like to come to lunch with us?
Alan Turing: What time's lunch time?
Hugh Alexander: [Frustrated] Christ, Alan, it's a bleeding sandwich.
Alan Turing: What is?
Hugh Alexander: Lunch.
Alan Turing: Oh, I don't like sandwiches.
John Cairncross: Nevermind.

Alan Turing: Uh, that's my sandwich.
Hugh Alexander: You don't like sandwiches.

Hugh Alexander: Damn you, you and your machine.

Hugh Alexander: If you run the wires across the plugboard matrix diagonally, you'll eliminate rotor positions 500 times faster.
Alan Turing: This is actually not an entirely terrible idea.
Joan Clarke: That's Alan for "thank you."

Hugh Alexander: You know to pull off this irascible genius routine, one has to actually be a genius.

Hugh Alexander: Because there's nothing like a friend's engagement to make a woman want to do something that she'll later regret with the fiancé's better looking chum.

Hugh Alexander: Love will make a man do strange things, I suppose.
Alan Turing: In this case, love just lost Germany the whole bloody war!

Hugh Alexander: [reading a decrypted message] "... is directed to 53 degrees 24 minutes north and aufpunkt one degree west."
Hugh Alexander: "Heil Hitler."
Alan Turing: Turns out that's the only German you need to know to break Enigma.

Stewart Menzies: Burn everything.
Hugh Alexander: Burn? Why?
Stewart Menzies: You were told when you started this was a Top Secret program. Did you think we were joking?
Hugh Alexander: But the war is over.
Stewart Menzies: *This* war is. But there'Il be others.
Alan Turing: And we know how to break a code that everybody else believes is unbreakable.
Stewart Menzies: Precisely. Tear it down, light it up. Sweep away the ashes. None of you have ever met before. None of you have ever even heard the word "Enigma." Have a safe trip home.
Stewart Menzies: [as they rise to go] Behave. With a bit of luck, you'll never have to see me or one another again for the rest of your lives...