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Yko Mano (Character)
from "Devil Hunter Yohko" (1990)

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"Devil Hunter Yohko: Mamono Hunter Yôko Part 2 (#1.2)" (1992)
Yôko Mano: [upset over Chi's Devil Hunter posters] You're going to hang those outside?
Chiaki: Of course!
Yôko Mano: Outside where EVERYONE CAN SEE THEM?
Chiaki: But of course!
Azusa: I'll help!
Yôko Mano: WHAT?

"Devil Hunter Yohko: Mamono Hunter Yôko no jijô (#1.6)" (1995)
Yôko Mano: [referring to her look-alike cousin] So if she's my cousin, where did this other Asuza come from?
Grandma Madoka: It must be one of the great mysteries of the world.
Yôko Mano: Huh?
Grandma Madoka: Oh, yes! From now on, let's call her "Asuza 2"!
Yôko Mano: OH!
Grandma Madoka: What? You don't like it?