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Joey Rooney (Character)
from "Liv and Maddie" (2013)

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"Liv and Maddie: Space Werewolf-a-Rooney (#1.21)" (2014)
[a movie director seeks the Rooney boys' opinion of a scene]
Parker Rooney: I think you're ruining the greatest story ever told!
Joey Rooney: This is the most action-packed moment in the graphic novel, and you're going to have her skip over a puddle and pose for pictures? This is an abomination!
Parker Rooney: I have no idea what that word means, but if it means...
[blows a raspberry and gives a thumbs down gesture]
Parker Rooney: then I concur!

[the Rooney parents and friends bring an injured Maddie home from a game]
Willow: This is all my fault. If I hadn't stole the ball and passed it to Maddie to make the shot, this never would've happened. Curse my lighting quick reflexes.
Joey Rooney: [puts his arms around her shoulder] Willow, don't beat yourself up.
Willow: [pushing his arm off] Joey, this is no time for romance. I don't deserve it.
[takes his arm back]
Willow: Okay maybe just for a minute.

"Liv and Maddie: Band-A-Rooney (#2.19)" (2015)
Joey Rooney: [during a confessional] Artie and I weren't always sworn enemies. In the 7th grade, we were in a band.
Artie Smalls: [cut to Artie's confessional] Correction - we were in the most awesome band ever. We called ourselves "Acne."
Joey Rooney: [back to Joey's confessional] Our rock anthem "Pop the Pimple" was number one on the middle school charts. Who knows how far we could've gone. But we broke up, because *somebody* had a bit of an ego.
Artie Smalls: [back to Artie's confessional] Ego; "E" for excellence, "G" for greatness, and "O" for "Oh, I'm so good!"

"Liv and Maddie: Cowbell-A-Rooney (#3.5)" (2015)
Liv Rooney: [during a confessional] There is one week out of the entire year where there is no sports, so our sports-crazed school invented Cowbell Week.
Joey Rooney: [cut to Joey's confessional] You're out when somebody hangs a cowbell around your neck. I have been eliminated super early every year, but this year I think I'm...
[Parker hangs a cowbell on him]
Joey Rooney: Oh, DANG IT!
Parker Rooney: Moo it out, Munch.
Joey Rooney: [sadly] Mooooo.

"Liv and Maddie: Howl-a-Rooney (#1.17)" (2014)
[to the audience]
Joey Rooney: Space Werewolves is the greatest sci-fi graphic novel ever. It is the epic tale of Tristan Lycanth; Half-wolf, half-human, and his battle to save his planet. It is like Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings had a baby, and then The Avengers adopted it.

"Liv and Maddie: Neighbors-a-Rooney (#2.14)" (2015)
Maddie Rooney: There once was a lady named Mom...
Parker Rooney: Who said that poetry was quote, "da bomb"...
Liv Rooney: She thought we'd be stoked...
Joey Rooney: To pin poems to the oak...
Maddie Rooney, Parker Rooney, Liv Rooney, Joey Rooney: But she could not have been more "da wrong".
Parker Rooney: Good job, guys. I didn't think we could pull it off.

"Liv and Maddie: BFF-a-Rooney (#1.19)" (2014)
[Joey tries to soothe his mother's fears over losing her husband to an old high school flame]
Joey Rooney: One other thing; Dad married *you.*
Karen Rooney: Well he did, didn't he? He could've married Christie Brinkley in there, but instead he chose Carol Burnett.
Joey Rooney: I don't know who either of those two people are, but if it makes you happy, go with it.

"Liv and Maddie: Repeat-a-Rooney (#2.15)" (2015)
[during a confessional]
Joey Rooney: We had Parker swipe the chip from mom's Omni-specs and install it into my glasses so Maddie could tell me what to say.
Maddie Rooney: Right, 'cause he really doesn't know what to say about sports... or girls, or life, or anything other than slaying pretend dragons.
Joey Rooney: Okay, the day the dragons come back, you will be so glad you have a level 90 necromancer in your house.