Abigail Scanlon
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Abigail Scanlon (Character)
from Revenge of the Bridesmaids (2010) (TV)

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Revenge of the Bridesmaids (2010) (TV)
Abigail Scanlon: I don't know why you think this acting thing is so hard.
Parker Wald: Try getting paid for it!

Lt. Henry Kent: [having slowly come up behind Abigail and Parker] Close your mouths. Rachel an old friend of yours? So I take it you haven't seen her for a while? So yeah, that's the Tony that Rachel used to go out with... although we can't officially acknowledge that ever happened... so this is me, not acknowledging...
Abigail Scanlon: [turning to look at him] You're Henry Kent... you had big ears and a slutty sister.
Lt. Henry Kent: I... grew into my ears, and I'll tell Carole you said "hi".

Parker Wald: And you still live in Lambert?
Lt. Henry Kent: ...I still live in Lambert...
Parker Wald: I'm sorry, I didn't mean it like that...
Lt. Henry Kent: Yes you did.
Abigail Scanlon: Yes you did. Let's go find Rachel.

Abigail Scanlon: [sweetly] Oh Miss Olivia, if you had wings you should be an angel...
Abigail Scanlon: [losing the pretense] or nasty-ass dragon...

Parker Wald: Why do all of your plans have me sleeping with someone? Is this how you see me?
Abigail Scanlon: A little bit.

Parker Wald: Now, what are we gonna do about Rachel?
Abigail Scanlon: I say we go 'full-force swat team' and break up Caitlyn and Tony.
Parker Wald: Ok, no more wine for you.

Abigail Scanlon: Olivia has me so carb-starved, if you put your hand on a kaiser roll I'd eat it in three bites...
Abigail Scanlon: [imitates biting]