Rose O'Reilly
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Rose O'Reilly (Character)
from We're the Millers (2013)

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We're the Millers (2013)
Rose O'Reilly: You're making $500,000 and giving me only $30,000?
Casey Mathis: $30,000? I'm only getting $1,000!
Kenny Rossmore: You guys are getting paid?

Rose O'Reilly: You're not a neighbor. You're a drug dealer. Whose apartment smells like cheese and feet.
David Clark: Mm. Yeah, it's a candle I got from Anthropologie. 'Cheesy Feet' is what they call it. It's a best-seller.

Rose O'Reilly: Lord, we thank thee for the blessing of this family vacation. May David find his bliss and bring us all back home safely. May Kenny and Casey fortify their sibling bond over the warm glow of our devoted hearts. And may this entire airplane find safe passage and a bountiful life. Even the Jews. Amen.

Rose O'Reilly: [Scottie P. is trying to make out with Casey, who is resisting] Hey! Get your hands off of her! Come here, Casey. Now, you put your hands on her one more time, I swear I'm gonna rip that fucking tattoo right off of your chest.
Rose O'Reilly: You know what I'm sayin'?
Scottie P.: Oh, really, bitch?
Rose O'Reilly: Yeah, bitch.
Kenny Rossmore: You know what? Why don't you leave the girls alone, man.
Scottie P.: What are you gonna do about it, Eyebrows?
Kenny Rossmore: One... two...
Rose O'Reilly: [Punches Scottie P. in the face]
Scottie P.: OW! Broke my nose! You're a aggressive woman! Y'know wha' I'm sayin'?
[runs away]
Rose O'Reilly: [to Casey] Are you OK?
Casey Mathis: I'm fine. That was awesome, you just fuckin' decked him!
Rose O'Reilly: Yeah, well, I've dealt with handsy assholes like him at work. Come on, let's just get out of here. Thanks for the backup. Kenny, what were you counting? If you're gonna punch somebody, you punch 'em on "one."
Kenny Rossmore: Well, David told me to count...
[Casey groans]
Rose O'Reilly: David? David hasn't punched anybody, ever.

Kymberly: Wow. You dance super-good.
Rose O'Reilly: Thanks.
Kymberly: I'm Kymberly. With a 'y'
Rose O'Reilly: I'm Rose. With an 'r'. Is that your stage name?
Kymberly: My what?
Rose O'Reilly: Something to protect yourself from all those creeps out there. You should pick one. You know, something simple and sexy but cute. Short, maybe. Do you have a nickname?
Kymberly: Totally!
Rose O'Reilly: Oh. Well, great. Then use that because you...
Kymberly: I even got a tattoo of it. Do you wanna see?
Rose O'Reilly: Uh, well, n...
Kymberly: [Pulls down panties, revealing tattoo that says "Boner Garage" with an arrow pointing to her crotch] Check it out.
Rose O'Reilly: [Reading] 'Boner Garage'. Ooh... Wow... With a little arrow there, even...

Todd - Strip Club Owner: Hey, Rose, I know you're
Todd - Strip Club Owner: "technically" on break, but I need a lap dance. Table five. Just don't get too close. The guy has two hook-hands.
Rose O'Reilly: [sighs] How did we let that guy back in here?
Todd - Strip Club Owner: I don't know. He must've picked the locks.

Todd - Strip Club Owner: Oh, great, Rose. Glad I caught you. Um, I wanted to go over a couple of minor policy changes that we have here at the club.
Rose O'Reilly: Like what?
Todd - Strip Club Owner: Like, I want you to start having sex with the customers for money.
Rose O'Reilly: What? That's totally illegal, Todd.
Todd - Strip Club Owner: Come on. What are you gonna do? Besides, I gotta stay competitive with those fuckers who just opened up across the street.
Rose O'Reilly: You mean the Apple store?
Todd - Strip Club Owner: Yeah! And they're killing us!
Rose O'Reilly: Oh, God. That's it. I can't do it. I quit.
Kymberly: [Enters] Did you hear the good news? Now we get to fuck the customers for money!
Rose O'Reilly: [Dumbfounded] Wha...
Todd - Strip Club Owner: Boner Garage loves it.
Rose O'Reilly: I'm out of here. I am out of here. I quit.

Rose O'Reilly: You're such a dick. Have fun dying alone, jerk.
David Clark: Yeah, have fun digging out those singles from your crotch!
Rose O'Reilly: My crotch only takes twenties, David.

Kenny Rossmore: Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow! Oh fuck a donkey it hurts so much!
David Clark: What hurts, Kenny?
Kenny Rossmore: I'm gonna die! I'm gonna fuckin' die!
David Clark: Kenny, you're not going to die. Tell me what's wrong.
Rose O'Reilly: What's wrong, Kenny?
Kenny Rossmore: Fuckin' spider bit me on my balls, David! On my balls, on my balls, on my fuckin' balls!

Kenny Rossmore: FUCK! Oh, my God. I'm gonna die
Rose O'Reilly: Tell us what happened.
Kenny Rossmore: A fucking sipder bit me, David. It bit me on my balls, on my fucking balls!
Rose O'Reilly: Oh God. Let me see it, Kenny, let me see it.
Kenny Rossmore: No fucking way, you're not seeing it.
Rose O'Reilly: Come on. I can't help you unless you show it to me. Sweetie just show it to me.
David Clark: Kenny, will you just man up and drop your pants?
Casey Mathis: We've all seen a dick!