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Det. Al Hamoki (Character)
from "Danger Theatre" (1993)

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"Danger Theatre: Comes a Searcher/Vengeance in the Grass (#1.3)" (1993)
Capt. Mike Morgan: Throw down your weapons and come out with your hands up!
George 'Mad Dog' Munson: Grrr!
Det. Tom McCormick: [to Morgan] We'll go easy on you, sir.
Capt. Mike Morgan: [to Munson] We'll go easy on you, sir!
George 'Mad Dog' Munson: Yeah, right! I'm already serving three consecutive life sentences. What are you going to do? Cut it down to two?
[Munson blasts away at the disabled police cruiser]
Capt. Mike Morgan: What made you think that would work, Tommy?
Det. Al Hamoki: It worked in "Dirty Harry", sir.
Capt. Mike Morgan: Hamoki, this is real life - it isn't the movies... Now what would John Wayne do?