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Kendra (Character)
from "Burn Notice" (2007)

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"Burn Notice: Neighborhood Watch (#4.5)" (2010)
Kendra: Do you have butterflies? I have butterflies.
Michael Westen: I'd rather have my fifty thousand.
Kendra: Soon enough. Care to show me what's in your briefcase? Girl's gotta be safe.
[Michael steps forward, noting he's stepping out of Sam's line of sight]
Sam Axe: [with scoped weapon] Damn it, Mikey! You're killing me here!
[Michael pops the latches on the briefcase, opens it slowly, and takes out the tape for Kendra to see. He puts it back in and closes the case]
Michael Westen: I showed you mine.
[Michael closes the case clasps]
Kendra: [grabs a red bag from her car too quickly] The money's here.
[Michael shifts position]
Kendra: [laughs] What, do I make you nervous?
[Michael cocks his head]
Kendra: Fifty thousand, unmarked, unsequenced.
[Kendra flings the bag with a high arc to Michael, then pulls a blade from behind her back and lunges at him, cutting his left shoulder]
Michael Westen: [narrative during fight] It's never a nice surprise when someone pulls out a concealed blade, but there's an upside to getting a look at their weapon. If they're using a Japanese tanto knife, they'd rather stab you than slice you, and you can use that to your advantage.
Michael Westen: [deflecting stabs with the briefcase] Why does it feel like we're breaking up?
Kendra: Sorry, I'm a heartbreaker.
[Kendra lunges again, but Michael blocks the knife with the briefcase. Despite the half-inch of metal siding reinforcement in the lining he put in, the knife blade goes through to the hilt, but it's strong enough for Michael to twist the case, disarming Kendra. He hits her in the face with the case twice, knocking her out]