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Boulder (Character)
from "Transformers: Rescue Bots" (2011)

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GoBots: Battle of the Rock Lords (1986)
Granite: Magmar is gathering up his forces and using them against us.
Boulder: You shouldn't have gone to Stone Head Granite. If Magmar had found you he would have pulverized you.
Crackpot: Well, now we know what Magmar is doing.
Marbles: What do we do now Boulder?
Boulder: I know what we're not going to do. We're not going to just sit here and wait for Magmar to find us and wipe us out.

Turbo: [after Boulder defeated and rock dinosaur] You did it!
Leader-1: That's some weapon you have Boulder. Why did you wait until now to use it?
Boulder: Because as Magmar's power grows stronger the scepter's power grows weaker. I was saving its power for the right moment. I couldn't let my friends perish.
[Marbles looks embarrassed]

"Transformers: Rescue Bots: Movers and Shakers (#2.20)" (2014)
Blades: I think i got something. I got something!
Boulder: What is it?
Blades: It's huge. Oh no! It's multiplying! Wait. Those might be cows. Yup, it's cows.

"Transformers: Rescue Bots: The New Recruits (#3.20)" (2015)
Blades: I knew it. We're getting replaced. Retired. Sent out to pasture!
Boulder: Blades, I don't think...
Blades: Next thing you know, we'll be in the old 'Bots home! Uh huh. Playing checkers and grumbling about the food. And we don't even eat!