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Henry Mesner (Character)
from "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" (1999)

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"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Born Psychopath (#14.19)" (2013)
Henry Mesner: Irina made her mad face and pushed Ruby down the stairs.
Detective Nick Amaro: And you're sure that's what you saw, Henry? Maybe it was an accident.
Henry Mesner: No, it wasn't. Irina told Ruby to shut up and then she pushed her. Saying "shut up" is not nice.

Viola Mesner: It's past bedtime.
Henry Mesner: But I'm not tired.
Viola Mesner: Henry, it's late.
Henry Mesner: I said I'm not tired.
Viola Mesner: Lie down and I'm gonna give you kisses.
Henry Mesner: [pulls out a knife] I said no.
Viola Mesner: Henry, you give me that knife right now.
[Henry hands the knife over to his mother, but then uses it to cut her hand]

Henry Mesner: [to Amaro] Can I hold your gun now?
Detective Nick Amaro: Maybe later. Not right now.
Henry Mesner: You promised! You promised!
Detective Nick Amaro: Hey, I said we'd talk about, right?
Henry Mesner: That's what adults always say when they're not gonna let you do what you wanna do.

Henry Mesner: I never liked Snowball.
Amanda Rollins: What did you do, Henry?
Henry Mesner: I tied her leash to the faucet, then I turned on the tub and held her down.
Amanda Rollins: Where was Toby?
Henry Mesner: He started crying and then he peed his pants, so I put him in the closet.
Amanda Rollins: Hmm. And Snowball?
Henry Mesner: Took longer than I thought.
Amanda Rollins: And what about your sister? Why did you tie her to the bed?
Henry Mesner: I wanted to see if she'd melt from the inside out, but then it got smoky and I couldn't see.
Amanda Rollins: So you called Detective Benson.
Henry Mesner: This is all her fault. She's the one who wanted to send me away.