Dodd Gerhardt
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Dodd Gerhardt (Character)
from "Fargo" (2014)

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"Fargo: Loplop (#2.8)" (2015)
Dodd Gerhardt: I got four daughters, you know. I'm not a bad guy.
Peggy Blumquist: You called me a whore. I heard.

Dodd Gerhardt: I swear to Christ, when I'm free, you're gonna see the back of my hand.

"Fargo: Rhinoceros (#2.6)" (2015)
Dodd Gerhardt: [to Simone] A whore's life is five good years, five bad years, and then some half-dick sweat stain grinds you out like a cigarette. Like a goddamn spent cigarette.

Floyd Gerhardt: And you... while he's seeing to the boy, you take care of this butcher. He doesn't live through the night.
Dodd Gerhardt: Already dead, believe me. He just doesn't know it.

"Fargo: Waiting for Dutch (#2.1)" (2015)
Dodd Gerhardt: You're the comic in a piece of bubblegum!
Rye Gerhardt: Well, I mean, says you!

"Fargo: Before the Law (#2.2)" (2015)
Dodd Gerhardt: Fought in the trenches in France - World War I. He was an artillerieschuetzen, my granddad, a gunner. Blasted mustard gas at the Allies. Had them dancing like poisoned rats. Brits caught him in a raid, hung him by his thumbs for six days straight. So this, what we're doing, this is nothing. Are you listening to me?... Is he listening to me?
Hanzee Dent: Cut off his ears.
Dodd Gerhardt: Wake him up.
Hanzee Dent: He's dead, I think.
Dodd Gerhardt: Weak.

"Fargo: The Gift of the Magi (#2.5)" (2015)
Dodd Gerhardt: Where you been?
Simone Gerhardt: I just met a-a friend.
Dodd Gerhardt: Mm. You think you're grown, is that it?
Simone Gerhardt: What?
Dodd Gerhardt: With your clothes and your hair and no bra? Like you know somethin' about the world? Being grown's got a price. Kid gets slapped when he's bad. When you're grown, you get the fist or the knife.