Durai Singam
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Durai Singam (Character)
from Singam (2010)

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S3 the Movie (2017)
Durai Singam: If someone blunders, and that too knowing it's wrong, even if he is God Almighty, I will not spare him.

Durai Singam: I'm not a wolf that eats anything
Durai Singam: I'm a lion that hunts only when hungry
Durai Singam: I'm really starving now
Durai Singam: So ferocious, I will hunt anything I see
Durai Singam: Whoever stands in front of me, I'll trample him and walk away

Durai Singam: If a policeman is silent, it means he is crouching.
Durai Singam: If he is crouching, it means he is ready to pounce.