Samantha Pringle
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Samantha Pringle (Character)
from Deadly Friend (1986)

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Deadly Friend (1986)
Sam: [Samantha has a nosebleed] Do you have some ice?
Jeannie Conway: Oh my God. Come on in. Sit down. Paul, get some ice.
[to Samantha]
Jeannie Conway: Hold your head back, back.
[to Paul]
Jeannie Conway: Hurry.
[to Samantha]
Jeannie Conway: What happened?
Sam: Nothing. I just get them sometimes.
Paul Conway: Here you go.
Jeannie Conway: Listen, sweetheart, this may be butting in where I don't belong, but don't you think someone should say something?
Sam: For what, a nosebleed? Come on, I've had them since I was a kid. Ice will take care of it. I just forgot to fill the tray.
Jeannie Conway: Oh, Sam, I don't like this.
Sam: I hate them.
Jeannie Conway: C'mon you know what I mean. It's criminal. He could go to jail.
Sam: He's my father. Sometimes I want to roll a truck over his face but he's still my father.

Sam: Hi.
Paul Conway: Hi.
Sam: I thought I'd come by. If you're busy or eating I can come back.
Paul Conway: Uh, we're done. Come on in.
Sam: I wanted to bake you something, but I couldn't. I just brought these.
[Samantha gives Paul a box of "Almost Home" cookies]
Paul Conway: Oh, I love these. I love them. Thank you, come on in. Come on in.

[Sam emerges into an evil version of BB and chokes Paul to his death, talking in a evil, whispering voice]
Sam: Paul. Come with me, Paul.
Paul Conway: [screaming] NOOOOOOOO!
[Sam snaps Paul's neck]
Sam: BB.