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Sir Alec Meyerson (Character)
from "Foyle's War" (2002)

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"Foyle's War: The Cage (#7.2)" (2013)
[last lines]
Sir Alec Meyerson: Listen to me. Pierce is first class, but you have something I need, and I don't mean your inability to toe the line. It's just that in this rather nasty little war we seem to be fighting I'd like to think that I have you on my side. And it might just be that working together we could do some good.
Christopher Foyle: We could start with Mrs Ross perhaps.
Sir Alec Meyerson: Yes?

Sir Alec Meyerson: I was starting to get the impression that I've inherited an organization that is somewhat complacent. I'd be grateful, Mr. Foyle, if you'd prove me wrong.

Sir Alec Meyerson: Foyle, come in. you do have some questions to answer.
Christopher Foyle: Whough, that'd make a change.

"Foyle's War: Sunflower (#7.3)" (2013)
Sir Alec Meyerson: [Openly upset after Strasser is shot] This situation is out of control! A shoot-out in London! It's not Chicago! This is intolerable!