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Thomas 'Tommy' Strawn (Character)
from "Martin" (1992)

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"Martin: Boyz 'R Us (#1.4)" (1992)
Thomas Strawn: Hey, Martin, you think Peter Pan was gay, man? You know, hanging up in the tree with all them Lost Boys?
Martin Payne: The man had a girl. Tinkerbell, man.
Thomas Strawn: Yeah, but Tinker was only this tiny thing.
Martin Payne: Yeah, but most of that was butt, man. Pow! Tinker was like that! Ha-ha!

Gina Waters: Okay, this how we play, when I ask a question, you just answer it honestly, okay? That means everybody.
Martin Payne: I'm gonna do the honest thing, girl!
Gina Waters: Alright. Question number one - "Would you date someone who was 40lbs. overweight?"
Martin Payne: Nah. Nah. No. No. I got to breathe , baby.
[act like he's suffocating]
Pamela 'Pam' James: I would. I mean, as long as 20 of it was in his wallet.
Cole Brown: Uh, sure. 40lbs. overweight means baby can cook.
Pamela 'Pam' James: Next question: "If you were married and shipwrecked on a desert island with a beautiful stranger, would you make love to them?"
Cole Brown: Whew, Mary Ann and Ginger? Yeah! But not that Mrs. Howell.
Gina Waters: Martin?
Martin Payne: Come on, baby, I would die making love to a coconut before I'd cheat on you.
Gina Waters: Next question: "Would you date someone who was of a different race than yourself?"
Cole Brown: It don't matter what race she is. We all black when the lights go out.
Thomas Strawn: Well, I don't know. My mama always told me, "If she can't use your comb, don't bring her home."
Cole Brown: Wait a minute. Tommy, you were dating a white girl in college.
Thomas Strawn: No, she wasn't white! She was French!

Pamela 'Pam' James: Look, Martin, if money is power, then you ain't got none, 'cause, see, Gina makes a whole lot more more money than you do anyway.
Martin Payne: [shocked] When did you start making more money than me?
Thomas Strawn: Don't go there , brother.

"Martin: Power to the People's Court (#5.16)" (1997)
Sheneneh: [after Tommy hits her car] Now my insurance goin' go sky high, Tommy!
Tommy: Sheneneh, I thought you told me you didn't have any insurance.
Sheneneh: I don't, Tommy, and now I ain't goin' be able to get none is what I'm trying to tell you!

"Martin: Get a Job (#3.10)" (1994)
Martin: [Rushes towards the runway] Tommy! You ain't got to do this! Look at y'all, ladies! Move, move it! Giving away all your hard-earned money, huh? You should be home with your husbands, your men! Tommy, the party's over, huh? Get your happy-ass down off stage! Let's go!
Tommy: Martin, hold on, man. What the hell are you doing here?
Gina: You should all be ashamed of yourselves, all of you!
Martin: [to Pam] That's right, especially you, Bride of Stankenstein! And look at you, lady. You're drunk, it's disgusting! You are drunk!
Marian: I ain't drunk. I'm on medication!

"Martin: Baby You Can Drive My Car (#1.26)" (1993)
Sheneneh Jenkins: [singing in car] We got us a man!
Keylolo: Whatchu got girl!
Sheneneh Jenkins: I said we got us man!
Keylolo, Bonquisha: Wutchu got Wutchu got!
Sheneneh Jenkins: Look i aint trynna cheat on him because i got us a man!
Thomas 'Tommy' Strawn: Ladies! Ladies! Please!
Sheneneh Jenkins: Dang Tommy! We just trynna say we got us a man thats all. I mean damn! Excuse M.C. No hair! Damn we just warming up the club Tommy.