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Quotes for
Doc (Character)
from Cannery Row (1982)

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Cannery Row (1982)
Doc: The only thing we have in common is that we're both wrong for each other.

Narrator: [voice over] After an hour or so, Doc was tired of driving. Something more was needed to combat his restlessness, with an element of danger maybe. Because he could find no one to get into a fight with, he did the next best thing.
Waitress: What'll it be.
Doc: A beer milkshake.

Mack: Doc, I got something important to talk to you about.
Doc: How much do you need Mack?
Mack: Two bucks.
Doc: [handing over some money] There. Take it out of that.
Mack: Just like that? What about my story?
Doc: What story?
Mack: Well, I had this story about why I needed two bucks, but you didn't give me a chance to do it.
Doc: You don't need a story Mack.
Mack: Well the hell I don't. I mean, you know I worked all night on the damn thing. Now Hazel cried when I tried it on him. You see, I got this aunt is Salinas. She lost both husbands in the flood...
Doc: I didn't know you had an aunt is Salinas, Mack.
Mack: [angrily] I don't have an aunt in Salinas, for Chrissakes. That's the goddamned story.