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Quotes for
Aiden (Character)
from "Teen Wolf" (2011)

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"Teen Wolf: Riddled (#3.18)" (2014)
Aiden: Are we even allowed to be here this late? What if security catches us?
Lydia Martin: There is no security. The number of the homicides in this school have seen to it that no sane person will ever take a night job here again.

Lydia Martin: What did that sound like to you?
Aiden: Like a string being pulled.
Lydia Martin: You didn't hear people whispering?
Aiden: I definitely did not her people whispering.

Aiden: I kinda overheard... well I listened in on Stiles talkin' to Scott about how he thinks he was the one that wrote that message to kill Kira.
Derek Hale: You think Stiles, skinny, defenseless, Stiles, is the Nogitsune? A powerful, dark spirit?

Scott McCall: How did you know? Did he call you too?
Lydia Martin: I heard it.
Aiden: Don't ask. It gets more confusing when you ask.

"Teen Wolf: Letharia Vulpina (#3.19)" (2014)
Aiden: No Stiles. No demonic Ninjas.
Ethan: Things are getting too quiet around here.
Scott McCall: Yeah, I know. It's making me nervous too.

Aiden: What the hell were you doing? Building a Terminator?
Stiles: Thank you for that.

"Teen Wolf: Galvanize (#3.15)" (2014)
Aiden: When everyone we screwed over finds out we don't have a pack anymore, what do you think is gonna happen? We're dead on our own.
Ethan: That's still better than being back in high school.

Lydia Martin: Oh, no. I don't think so. There's no way you come back here after two weeks of nothing, with your cute little smile, the dark eyes, the brooding forehead, the muscles, and suddenly we're ripping each other's clothes off in Coach's office. No way. It's not gonna happen.
Aiden: Guidance office?
Lydia Martin: Okay.

"Teen Wolf: De-Void (#3.22)" (2014)
Aiden: Well if we aren't going to kill him, why aren't we tying him down with really big chains?

"Teen Wolf: Echo House (#3.20)" (2014)
Scott McCall: This is a really bad plan.
Lydia Martin: It's not that bad.
Ethan: It's not that good.
Lydia Martin: None of us knows the route they're going to take. If Allison can get one of her dad's GPS trackers on the armored car then we can follow it.
[Points on a map]
Lydia Martin: So when it gets here...
Aiden: We attack them?
Lydia Martin: No. Your bikes will be in the middle of the road, looking like you guys got into an accident. And when the driver gets out to help...
Aiden: We attack him?
Allison Argent, Lydia Martin: NO!

"Teen Wolf: Insatiable (#3.23)" (2014)
Aiden: So no one notices him just kidnapping her right out of the house?
Dr. Deaton: Most of us were concentrated on the bizarre sight of a creature materializing from out of the floor.