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Chris (Character)
from My Cornerstone (2013)

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My Cornerstone (2013)
Eli Pinto: What's your interest in Adina?
Chris: My interest? Love. What else?
Eli Pinto: I knew it, you've fallen for her!
Chris: Yes. And I love you too.
Eli Pinto: Whoa... So you swing both ways?
Chris: Swing? What?
Chris: Your mind is obsessed with things that have no importance to me... I love all things. You, Adina, your family.
Eli Pinto: I'll let you in on a secret.
Chris: You're the one who loves Adina?
Eli Pinto: How did you know? Are you psychic or something?
Chris: Na, mate. I'm no mind reader. I just see how you look at her.
Eli Pinto: But it'll never happen with Adina. I ain't good enough.
Chris: No heart is indifferent to love, my friend. No matter how many walls any person builds up, love can bust through all of them.
Chris: But if you're serious, then you'll need to be gentle. And genuine too. You can't pretend to be a changed man, because she'll see right through that, mate.
Chris: The more love you have inside you, the more she'll open up to you.