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Quotes for
Caitlin Quinn (Character)
from Christmas Cupid (2010) (TV)

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Christmas Cupid (2010) (TV)
Caitlin Quinn: Stupid elves, always looking to make a buck.

Caitlin Quinn: Please! Patrick is SO much better than Andrew.
Sloane Spencer: You're just saying that because he complimented you.
Caitlin Quinn: No, I like him because he's funny, he's gorgeous and he smells like cake.

Sloane Spencer: I'm not gonna sleep with Patrick to get back at Andrew.
Caitlin Quinn: Okay, well, why not sleep with Patrick for no reason at all?

Sloane Spencer: So, then, I guess this is goodbye? And you're gonna be okay?
Caitlin Quinn: You kidding? Heaven has an open bar. And Heath Ledger, and James Dean...
Sloane Spencer: Yeah, sounds like Heaven to me.