Tess Masterson
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Tess Masterson (Character)
from "Twisted" (2013)

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"Twisted: Out with the In-Crowd (#1.11)" (2013)
Tess Masterson: Yay! Masterson Family Fun Night.
Jo Masterson: As long as you don't call it that.

Tess Masterson: [hands Rico the backpack] Found it. Here you go.
Rico: Thanks, Mrs. Masterson. Um... Do you... could you tell Jo to call me, if she wants...?
Tess Masterson: Yeah.
Rico: And tell her I said hi. Okay... Or, actually, tell her that I said hi and then to call me. In that order.

Rico: What time is she supposed to be back?
Kyle Masterson: Who knows? She's hanging out with this guy, Tyler, at his filmclub.
Rico: Ty... Tyler?
Kyle Masterson: See? Rico doesn't like the guy either.
Tess Masterson: Kyle, we have to trust Jo to make the right choices.
Kyle Masterson: I guess. But her taste in men leaves a lot to be desired.
Rico: Amen to that.
[Kyle and Tess look at him]
Rico: Did I say that out loud?