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Major Joe Hale (Character)
from "Men Into Space" (1959)

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"Men Into Space: First Woman on the Moon (#1.11)" (1959)
Renza Hale: Say, when do we go?
Col. Edward McCauley: Tomorrow.
Renza Hale: I-I can't possibly make tomorrow. I have a hair appointment. Besides, I have a lot of packing to do.
Major Joe Hale: But you don't have to pack anything.
Renza Hale: Yes I do. I have all my own clothes and a lot of cooking utensils...
Col. Edward McCauley: No, no, no, no. Renza, stop worrying, will you? Everything is up there.
Renza Hale: Everything?
Col. Edward McCauley: Um-hmm.
Renza Hale: Like, uh, what size blouse. And what color lipstick, and what kind of perfume I like.