Rod Slater
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Rod Slater (Character)
from Gold (1974)

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Gold (1974)
Rod Slater (Roger Moore): Who do I need to see?
Miner (Garth Tuckett): Go and see Mr Eade.

Rod Slater: My God, you're beautiful.
Terry Steyner (Sussanah York): Kiss me you fool.
Farrel (John Gielgud): Rod Slater, Do you know what your getting yourself into?
Rod Slater: No, No I dont.

Rod Slater: Can you stop this madness?

Manfred Steyner: This is just terrible. Did he say anything to you, about how it happened?
Rod Slater: He didn't have the breath.
Stephen Marais: Do you know what caused it?
Rod Slater: The same as always. Digging for gold.

[producing King's helmet]
Plummer (John Hussey): We found this down there.
Rod Slater: It's King's. It's gold, I hate the lousy stuff.

[having knocked Kowalski cold]
Rod Slater: Kowalski! Kowalski!
[slaps him]
Rod Slater: KOWALSKI! The next time you touch a face darker than mine, you're out!

Rod Slater (Roger Moore): [referring to Steyner's geological report] And you really believe this is fool-proof?
Manfred Steyner: It's the work of experts.
Rod Slater (Roger Moore): That depends on what one thinks of experts, doesn't it?
Manfred Steyner: And what do you think of experts, Mr. Slater?
Rod Slater (Roger Moore): [angrily] Well, sometimes they're right and sometimes they're wrong, but they don't do the digging!