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Quotes for
Ahmad (Character)
from The Past (2013)

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The Past (2013)
Ahmad: When did you meet each other?
Marie Brisson: In drugstore. He came to get his wife's medicines.
[Ahmad sneers ]
Marie Brisson: What?
Ahmad: In our culture is laughing.
Marie Brisson: But in our culture is mocking!
[They discuss with each other]
Marie Brisson: Just your hair became white!

Marie Brisson: Why didn't Shahryar tell me that Lucie was there?
Ahmad: He couldn't tell you.
Marie Brisson: Why he couldn't? He saw that I was dying from concern.
Ahmad: He promised to her.

Ahmad: Eat it now. You'll never get a chance to eat Gorme Sabzi
[an Iranian food]
Ahmad: in future. Unless you'll marry to a fun Iranian husband and you Fouad, an Iranian wife.
Fouad: What does an Iranian woman look like?
Ahmad: Like me!
[Ahmad moves his hands like a woman! They laugh]

Ahmad: [in Farsi] Bah Bah, che balaly. (Wow, what a sweetcorn).