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Quotes for
Haroun (Character)
from The Golden Voyage of Sinbad (1973)

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The Golden Voyage of Sinbad (1973)
Haroun: My heart is filled with courage!
Haroun: But I have very cowardly legs.

Haroun: [Wakes up] Are you a merchant? How long will we be gone for, a week?
[Sinbad raises his eyebrows]
Haroun: Two weeks? Three weeks? A month?
[Sinbad raises his eyebrows]
Haroun: More than a month! How long?
Sinbad: Two or three years.
Haroun: Two or three years! That's horrible.
[the men laugh]
Haroun: We'll be ancient.
[the men laugh again]

Sinbad: Make a rope, out of your turbans and sashes.
Haroun: [Takes off his sash] Come on everyone, use your turbans and sashes.
[his pants fall down]

[last lines]
Haroun: I always trust in Allah -
[spoken an instant before he falls off the ship's rope ladder but is saved from hitting the deck by the rope tied around his waist]
Sinbad, Vizier: [spoken in unison] But tie up your camel!

Haroun: There's water down there. There's water everywhere. We're at sea.
Sinbad: This boy's a genius.