Henry Wheeler
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Henry Wheeler (Character)
from Labor Day (2013)

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Labor Day (2013)
Henry: I don't think losing my father broke my mother's heart, but rather losing love itself.

Mandy: You know, drinking from aluminum gives you Alzheimers.
Henry: Is that true?
Mandy: Uh huh. It's the perfect crime, 'cause you can't remember how you got it.

Gerald: How about pal? Lacrosse? Soccer, maybe? Probably not football 'til you get a little meat on those bones, huh?
Henry: Actually, I was thinking about signup up for the modern dance group.
Gerald: Well, I'm not sure that would be such a good move.
Marjorie: I know how your mother feels about dancing, but... people might get the wrong idea.
Gerald: They might think that you're...
Richard: They might think that you're gay.
Marjorie: Richie!
Henry: Or they might think that I like girls in tights.

[first lines]
Adult Henry: It was just the two of us after my father left. She said I should count the baby he had with his new wife Marjorie as part of my family too. Plus Richard, Marjorie's son. For the most part my mother never mentioned my father, or the woman he was married to now.

[last lines]
Adult Henry: [narrating] I spent half of my life worrying that my mother wouldn't be able to go out into the world on her own. But as it turned out, she wouldn't have to.