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Quotes for
Amber (Character)
from Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess (2012) (TV)

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"Sofia the First: A Royal Mess (#1.5)" (2013)
Princess Amber: Pretty please?
King Roland II: How can I say no?
Queen Miranda: It's very simple, really. I say it to the children all the time.

Sofia: Wish this armor wasn't made of armor. It's not moving!
Prince James: Amber, you're not even pushing!
Princess Amber: Isn't it enough I'm not telling on you?

"Sofia the First: Tri-Kingdom Picnic (#1.10)" (2013)
Princess Amber: I have a small problem with outdoor sports.
Sofia: What's that?
Princess Amber: They're outdoors.

Prince James: I can't wait to play.
Princess Amber: And I can't wait not to play.

"Sofia the First: Baileywick's Day Off (#1.9)" (2013)
Sofia: Amber, can you get ice cream?
Princess Amber: Of course.
[to Suzette]
Princess Amber: Suzette, can we get some ice cream?

Princess Amber: [painting] Would someone please make my butterfly stay still?
Princess Hildegard: In my castle, the butterflies are trained to pose for us.

"Sofia the First: Just One of the Princes (#1.1)" (2013)
Princess Amber: Prince Hugo.
Prince Hugo: Princess Amber.
Princess Amber: I just wanted to wish you luck. I'm your biggest fan.
[opens a fan with Hugo's picture on it]

"Sofia the First: Two to Tangu (#1.12)" (2013)
Sofia: Look, that monkey can juggle!
Princess Amber: Even James can juggle.