George Lutz
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George Lutz (Character)
from Exorcism of Evil (2013) (V)

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The Amityville Horror (2005)
George Lutz: Houses don't kill people. People kill people.

Billy Lutz: [after tasting George's scrambled eggs] This sucks!
George Lutz: You're not kiddin'.

Michael Lutz: We're *rich*!
George Lutz: Rich off of somethin', but it ain't money.

Realtor: We're happy?
Kathy Lutz: Yes, we're happy.
George Lutz: [pointing to Kathy] She's happy. I'm broke.

George Lutz: [to Kathy] How did you get so fucking stupid?

Kathy Lutz: [Eating at dinner table, George spits out his food, making a scene] Is this discipline, or torture?
George Lutz: I thought it was meatloaf...

Michael Lutz: Do I have to call you Dad, now?
George Lutz: Guess what?
Michael Lutz: What?
George Lutz: You can call me whatever you want.
Michael Lutz: Anything?
George Lutz: Yep.
Michael Lutz: Cool.
George Lutz: Anything.
Michael Lutz: Cool.
George Lutz: Yeah.
Michael Lutz: Um... Stinky?
George Lutz: Sure.
Michael Lutz: Poopy-head?
George Lutz: Yeah.
Michael Lutz: Crap-monkey-fart?
George Lutz: [laughing] Okay, we gotta draw the line somewhere, pal, that does it!

George Lutz: [to Billy] You sure you don't want a babysitter?

George Lutz: Goddamn babysitter's an idiot.

George Lutz: Do I look nuts to you?

George Lutz: Wipe that stupid look off your face and got to bed... run.

George Lutz: These kids are out of control.

George Lutz: Uh... this, this is a mistake.
Realtor: How's that?
George Lutz: No, I mean your ad in the paper. Uh... this is a... It's gotta be a misprint, cause I'm a contractor, and I know what a place like this should cost. And, you know, if this is... Well, if this is true, then this is a... the deal of a lifetime.
Realtor: And what is wrong with that?

George Lutz: So, look, I gotta ask what's the catch? There's always a catch.
Realtor: There was a tragedy, a crime... a murder.

Michael Lutz: George, George? Look what I found?
George Lutz: What is that? Where'd you find that?
Michael Lutz: Harry and I found it.
George Lutz: Where?
Michael Lutz: In the basement.
Michael Lutz: Not the basement. My office. You listen to me. You don't go down there. Understand?

George Lutz: When the body suffers... the spirit flowers.

George Lutz: Now, hold it steady. Because if you get shaky, I get shaky.

George Lutz: [to Billy] We're friends. We're having fun, right? Put your hands up there.

George Lutz: Home, sweet, home.

George Lutz: I think she misses her daddy. Don't you?
Kathy Lutz: Give me back my daughter.

The Amityville Horror (1979)
George: [talking to the presence in the house] What do you want from us? Goddamnit, this is *MY* house!

[the wedding/food caterer confronts George with the bill in the men's room]
Caterer: Look, the deal was cash. You know? Cash.
George: [washing his face] The cash was lost. You gotta take a check.
Caterer: I don't like checks. Let me tell you something about checks. Checks get cancelled. Checks bounce. Checks is not cash. Cash is cash.
George: You listen to me, pal. I don't like lectures and I don't like being hassled in the men's room. I'm going to write you a check. Either that's good enough for you or you're going to eat your own goddamn food.

Kathy Lutz: I just wish that... all those people hadn't died here. I mean... ugh! A guy kills his whole family. Doesn't that bother you?
George: Well, sure, but... houses don't have memories.

George: [shouts] I'm coming apart! Oh, mother of God, I'm coming apart!

George: What do you think?
Kathy Lutz: I love it. But, honey... Eighty thousand dollars? It may as well be eight hundred thousand dollars.

George: Peace to this house and all who enter in it. Peace to this house and all who enter in it.
Kathy Lutz: Forgive our sins, and save us from all illness. Grant this through Jesus Christ, our Lord.
George: Peace to this house and all who enter in it.
Kathy Lutz: What, what's happening?

Kathy Lutz: Would you please leave that damn fire alone and listen to me?
George: I'm not going anywhere. You're the one that wanted a house. This is it, so just shut up!
Kathy Lutz: [With tears in her eyes] You... bastard!
George: [Smacks Kathy, hard]