Mako Mori
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Mako Mori (Character)
from Pacific Rim (2013)

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Pacific Rim (2013)
Raleigh Becket: Wait. I think this guy's dead. But let's check for a pulse.
Mako Mori: Okay.
[They turn the Jaeger around and fire the plasma cannon into the Kaiju four more times, exploding its chest]
Raleigh Becket: No pulse.

Raleigh Becket: This is worth fighting for. We don't have to just obey him.
Mako Mori: It's not obedience, Mr. Becket; it's respect.

Stacker Pentecost: Mr. Becket, this is Mako Mori. One of our brightest. Also in charge of the Mark 3 restoration program. She personally handpicked your co-pilot candidates.
Mako Mori: [speaks Japanese to Pentecost] I imagined him differently.
Raleigh Becket: Hey.
[speaks Japanese]
Raleigh Becket: Better or worse?
Mako Mori: [speaks Japanese] I apologize, Mr. Becket. I've heard a lot about you.