Zach Hamilton
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Zach Hamilton (Character)
from "Dexter" (2006)

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"Dexter: A Little Reflection (#8.6)" (2013)
Dexter Morgan: [in kill room] You never had a Harry.
Zach Hamilton: A what?
Dexter Morgan: Someone to talk to. Someone to teach you.
Dexter Morgan: [narrating] Some things happen to us by accident. Others are choices. There are parts of me that I can never share with my own son. But with Zach, could I teach him? Am I ready for this, to be a spiritual father?
[starts cutting open the plastic sheeting]

"Dexter: Are We There Yet? (#8.8)" (2013)
Dexter Morgan: Can you drop Zach off at his home?
Dr. Evelyn Vogel: Of course.
Zach Hamilton: Can I drive?
Dr. Evelyn Vogel: Not a chance. My car's older than you.