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Quotes for
Isobel (Character)
from Hopscotch (1980)

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Hopscotch (1980)
Kendig: Yours was gin and ginger ale, right?
Isobel von Schonenberg: Mine was NEVER gin and ginger ale. Montrochet '69, right next to the beer.

Isobel von Schonenberg: An American without ice in his drink is unthinable, if not unconstitutional!

Isobel von Schonenberg: Oh, do stop following me around. You're making my dog very nervous.
[Her dogs starts barking at Follet]
Isobel von Schonenberg: He detests the smell of stupidity.

Isobel von Schonenberg: When did you join the police force?
Kendig: It's the only car I could find that had any gas in it.

[last lines]
Isobel von Schonenberg: How'd you like to play some Gin this evening?
Kendig: For how much?
Isobel von Schonenberg: Will you never learn...

Kendig: [on his plan of writing his memoirs about the CIA] I'm going to tell the truth.
Isobel von Schonenberg: Oh, it's a work of fiction! Ah!