Dr. Wheelo
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Dr. Wheelo (Character)
from Dragon Ball Z: The World's Strongest (1990)

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Dragon Ball Z: The World's Strongest (1990)
Dr. Wheelo: Goku, once I've taken control of your body, I'll finally discard this ugly little shell. Then will I fulfill my destiny and become the greatest scientist the world has ever known.

Gohan (AB Groupe dub): All this, you did it! And you had no right! You're evil!
[Gohan fires a energy wave blast knocking Dr. Kochin to the floor]
Dr. Kochin (AB Groupe dub): Ah ah ah!
Dr. Willow (AB Groupe dub): Now that's what I call a real power!
Gohan (AB Groupe dub): Now you'll answer for all the evil you did to my friend!
Dr. Kochin (AB Groupe dub): Ha ha ha, little one you're no bigger then my cane. You don't scare us!
Dr. Willow (AB Groupe dub): No! Stop! Don't make him even more furious!
Gohan (AB Groupe dub): Yes, I am little but I can send you to Hell!