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Dorothea Frazil (Character)
from "Endeavour: Pilot (#1.0)" (2012)

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"Endeavour: Fugue (#1.2)" (2013)
[first lines]
Dorothea Frazil: Constable Morse, I loved your singing. Dorothea Frazil. Oxford Mail; we met briefly on the Tremlett case.
DC Endeavour Morse: Oh, I remember you. Of course.
Dorothea Frazil: It's a good angle; the singing detective. It's better than the one I've got presently.
DC Endeavour Morse: I've no wish to see my name in the papers, Miss Frazil.
Dorothea Frazil: Look, covering for the local arts correspondent's never going to win me the Pulitzer; just give me a quote. I'll see there's something in it for you.
DC Endeavour Morse: Any such recompense would leave us both open to charges of bribery and corruption. If you'll excuse me. Good evening. Good luck on your story.

Dorothea Frazil: [at the Police Station with Morse and Thursday] After you called, I spoke to my old editor, Sid Mears. He sent these.
[Frazil gives Morse a large envelope containing photos of a murder]
DC Endeavour Morse: He knew the Miller case?
Dorothea Frazil: [sits down and takes out a square-shaped base glass bottle] Perhaps. He remembered something similar around the end of '43. It stuck in his head.
[Frazil takes the glass top off the bottle and pours drinks for herself, Morse and Thursday]
Dorothea Frazil: Only, the family name was Gull.
[Morse and Thursday examine the photos]
Dorothea Frazil: They ran a coaching inn by Wolvercote. I say "they". It was just Mason Gull and his mother. Thing is, there was an American general billeted there. This was the build up to D-Day, don't forget. Anyway, this general had taken a bit of a shine to Mrs. Gull by all accounts, and that's what led to it.
[Thursday Frazil raise their glasses to each other]
Dorothea Frazil: Sid and his photographer were amongst the first out to the inn and got those few snaps before the military police descended on the place and turfed them out. In the end, world came down from the War Office - at the very highest level - that the story was to be spiked.
DI Fred Thursday: D-Day looming. "Dangerous talk costs lives", I suppose.
DC Endeavour Morse: If his name was Gull, why would Doctor Cronyn know him as Keith Miller?
DI Fred Thursday: Maybe they changed his name, buried him away in the country somewhere and forgot about him.
Dorothea Frazil: In any event, Sid never came across a word on any subsequent committal or trial. The boy just disappeared.
[Morse and Thursday look at the photos again]

"Endeavour: Pilot (#1.0)" (2012)
[Dorothea Frazil looks puzzled]
Dorothea Frazil: What did you say your name was?
DC Endeavour Morse: Morse. Why?
Dorothea Frazil: Have we met?
DC Endeavour Morse: I, I don't think so.
Dorothea Frazil: Another life, then.