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Dolores Bastinado (Character)
from "Zorro" (1957)

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"Zorro: The Well of Death (#1.34)" (1958)
Sgt. Demetrio Lopez Garcia: Señorita, would you care to join me in a refreshment?
Dolores Maldonado: Why I'd love to, Sargeant. But I really don't think I can afford it.

"Zorro: The Cross of the Andes (#1.32)" (1958)
Dolores Bastinado: Why do you call him Sergeant?
Cpl. Reyes: Because he's a sergeant, that why we call him Sergeant. It works the same with me. I'm a corporal so everyone calls me Corporal.
Sgt. Demetrio Lopez Garcia: Very soon you may be a private and everyone will call you Private! Now go away!