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Captain Walker D.Plank (Character)
from "James Bond Jr." (1991)

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"James Bond Jr.: Never Give a Villain a Fair Shake (#1.13)" (1991)
Captain Walker D.Plank: Blast it! Now we'll have to follow the San Andreas before we take her. And I did so want to terrorize a few pleasure craft before we went after them. Oh, well.

Pirate: Should we be feeling the quake this close, sir?
Captain Walker D.Plank: What do I look like, a seismologist?

Captain Walker D.Plank: We have destruction to attend to.

Captain Walker D.Plank: Well, well. Young Bond. I expected you to show up.
James Bond Jr.: How clever of you, D.Plank. But I've got a little surprise.
[shows him a smoke device]
Captain Walker D.Plank: [laughing] What is it? A videogame?

Captain Walker D.Plank: [to the hostages] This is your captain speaking.
Captain Walker D.Plank: I've always wanted to say that. This is so inform James Bond that, unless his surrenders in two minutes, one of his friends will walk the plank.
[to his men]
Captain Walker D.Plank: Pick one.
[a pirate takes Trevor to bring him to the plank]
Trevor Noseworthy IV: No, not me, I'm too prolish to die!
[looks at Phoebe and Tracy]
Trevor Noseworthy IV: Take her! Or her! Please!

"James Bond Jr.: No Such Loch (#1.16)" (1991)
Captain Walker D.Plank: Well, if Bond wants to join the party, let's light a candle for him!
[Jaws fires a missile in James' direction]

Captain Walker D.Plank: [to his parrot] Shut up before I have you stuffed!

Captain Walker D.Plank: It's a pleasure to see you, Bond. A pleasure to see you at the end of my sword that is.

"James Bond Jr.: Queen's Ransom (#1.39)" (1991)
Captain Walker D.Plank: [attacking James] Any last words, Bond?
James Bond Jr.: Yes. Give up now, Plank. This show is over.
Captain Walker D.Plank: This show is over and you're the one who's getting the hook!
[tries to stab Bond with his hook]

Sir Alex: Jade has escaped? Thank goodness!
Captain Walker D.Plank: [pointing at Jaws and Nick Nack] No, thank these two idiots who left her unguarded!

"James Bond Jr.: Ship of Terror (#1.29)" (1991)
Captain Walker D.Plank: I haven't enjoyed myself so much since we created the artificial hurricane that sank the Calypso!

Captain Walker D.Plank: With the mining rights to Kua-Kua, we'll have enough titanium ore to build an army of androids!
Jaws: You mean a navy, boss.
Pirate Parrot: We're looking for a few bad men, bad men!

"James Bond Jr.: Nothing to Play With (#1.7)" (1991)
Captain Walker D.Plank: [admiring his inspired doll] Isn't it wonderful? Just look at those strong and handsome features!

Walker D.Plank Doll: I'd throw you a life preserver, Bond. But I'm not interested in preserving your life!

"James Bond Jr.: S.C.U.M. on the Water (#1.47)" (1991)
Captain Walker D.Plank: I'll blow that fool out of the water before you can say S.O.S.!

"James Bond Jr.: Ol' Man River (#1.51)" (1991)
Captain Walker D.Plank: I love the smell of the river breeze in the evening.