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Quotes for
Anne Charpin-Vasseur (Character)
from The Flower of Evil (2003)

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The Flower of Evil (2003)
Anne Charpin-Vasseur: You look upset.
Matthieu Lartigue: I imagine I do. Something awkward has cropped up. We should talk in private.

Gérard Vasseur: Why should they go to Pyla?
Anne Charpin-Vasseur: We can't talk about it all night! They took her car. Can you drop me off tomorrow?
Gérard Vasseur: At what time?
Anne Charpin-Vasseur: Before ten, if possible.
Gérard Vasseur: [Referring to Matthieu] Can't your "guardian angel" do it?
Anne Charpin-Vasseur: He's kind, but he's not my driver, after all.
Gérard Vasseur: No, he's not. I am!
Anne Charpin-Vasseur: [Smiling coyly] You're my husband.