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Peter Argyle (Character)
from Island of Terror (1966)

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Island of Terror (1966)
Peter Argyle: Is that all, then, Ian?
Ian Bellows: Yeah, I think so. And how long will it take to fill the order THIS time, eh?
Peter Argyle: Oh, probably three to four weeks.
Ian Bellows: Aye, y'know, they ought to give us better service. And a boat coming once a week is not enough! You'd think at least they'd get our telephones installed.
Peter Argyle: Y'know, they promised 'em this year.
Ian Bellows: [chuckles] Aye, and last.

Ian Bellows: You know what? It-it smells like fog.
Dr. Reginald Landers: Nonsense. I think it's going to be a lovely evening.
Peter Argyle: Ah, if you weren't a newcomer you'd feel it in your bones.
Dr. Reginald Landers: A newcomer? I've been here for ten years!
Mr. Roger Campbell: You're a newcomer, just the same.

Peter Argyle: More books, Doctor?
Dr. Reginald Landers: You islanders are too hardy. I have to do something to keep busy.
Constable John Harris: You know, Doctor, you and I should take up chess. I've got nothing to do either, except when Andy McCracken has a wee drop too much and tries to break up the pub.