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Habib Halal (Character)
from "Pizza" (2000)

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Fat Pizza (2003)
Habib Halal: [upon seeing a police road sign targeting Lebanese] I swear, man! These cops are always hassling us, man! Why? We're jus' like normal people, man! We do normal things, mate! We eat kebabs! We have weapons! What's wrong with these things?

Sleek the Elite: [referring to women] But Sleek gives 'em standards are too high. In other words, if you're over 50 kilo, you gotta go.
Habib Halal: Give me their number, uleh! My standards start at 50 kilograms, alright? I'll give it to 'em!

Habib Halal: [calling out to Sleek the Elite talking to 2 women] I got a fat, uleh! A big fat!

Habib Halal: Don't wory about the Funculo Club, man! It's shit!

Sleek the Elite: [whilst caught having sex with female in nightclub toilet cubicle] Habib. How are ya, bro' ?
Habib Halal: Go for it, Sleeky, uleh. Go for it.
Sleek the Elite: Any hole's the go, Habib.
Habib Halal: Give her one for me. Slam her.
Sleek the Elite: Habib, fuck off, man, or you're gonna get wet.

Habib Halal: [at a raging grunge pub] These people don't wash their hair! It stinks in here!

Habib Halal: [at wedding] Rocky. I didn't bring any rice, man. Whatta we gonna throw?
Rocky: Habib. Don't worry about the rice. I got eccys, instead.
Habib Halal: Eccys? My god. Weddings can be so expensive.