Sir Stewart Menzies
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Sir Stewart Menzies (Character)
from Philby, Burgess and Maclean (1977) (TV)

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The Imitation Game (2014)
Stewart Menzies: [candidates are taking a timed test] Six minutes... is that even possible?
Alan Turing: No, it takes me eight.
Joan Clarke: [raises her hand]
Alan Turing: You're finished?... Five minutes thirty four seconds.
Joan Clarke: You said to finish under six minutes.

Stewart Menzies: Oh, Alan... we're gonna have such a wonderful war together.

Stewart Menzies: Mr Turing, do you know how many people have died because of Enigma?
Alan Turing: No, I don't.
Stewart Menzies: Three.
Alan Turing: Three?
Stewart Menzies: While we've been having this conversation.
Stewart Menzies: [he looks at his watch] Oh look, there's another. I rather hope he didn't have a family.

Commander Denniston: This is Stewart Menzies. MI6.
Charles Richards: There are only five divisions of military intelligence. There is no MI6.
Stewart Menzies: Exactly. That's the spirit.

Stewart Menzies: Why are you telling me this ?
Alan Turing: We need your help, to keep this a secret from Admiralty, Army, RAF. Ah... as no one can know, that we've broken enigma, not even
Alan Turing: Dennison
Stewart Menzies: Who's in the process of having you fired ?
Joan Clarke: You can take care of that.
Alan Turing: While we develop a system to help you determine how much intelligence to act on. Which ahh attacks to stop, which to let through. Statistical analysis, the minimum number of actions it will take, for us to win the war - but the maximum number we can take, before the Germans get suspicious
Stewart Menzies: And you're going to trust of this all to statistics ? To maths ?
Alan Turing: Correct.
Joan Clarke: And then MI6 can come up with the lies we will tell everyone else
Alan Turing: You'll need a believable alternative source for all the pieces of information that you use
Joan Clarke: A false story, so that we can explain how we got our information, that has nothing to do with Enigma, and then you can leak those stories to the Germans
Alan Turing: And then to our own military
Stewart Menzies: Maintain a conspiracy of lies at the very highest levels of govt ?... Sounds right up my alley.

Alan Turing: I'm not a spy. I'm... I'm just a mathematician.
Stewart Menzies: I know a lot of spies, Alan. You've got more secrets than the best of them.

Stewart Menzies: Burn everything.
Hugh Alexander: Burn? Why?
Stewart Menzies: You were told when you started this was a Top Secret program. Did you think we were joking?
Hugh Alexander: But the war is over.
Stewart Menzies: *This* war is. But there'Il be others.
Alan Turing: And we know how to break a code that everybody else believes is unbreakable.
Stewart Menzies: Precisely. Tear it down, light it up. Sweep away the ashes. None of you have ever met before. None of you have ever even heard the word "Enigma." Have a safe trip home.
Stewart Menzies: [as they rise to go] Behave. With a bit of luck, you'll never have to see me or one another again for the rest of your lives...