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Artie's Mom (Character)
from Beer League (2006)

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Beer League (2006)
Linda Salvo: [as Artie and Linda sit in the car after their date] Alright listen, if you're really quick I'll give you a blowjob, but you gotta be quick!
Artie DeVanzo: Kidding me? I hear ya. When blowjobs go on too long it's like you chicks forget guys' dicks get tired.
Linda Salvo: Stop with the jokes, I gotta be up for work early tomorrow so concentrate, okay?
Artie DeVanzo: I'll be Hugh fucking Downs.
Linda Salvo: Who the fuck is that?
Artie DeVanzo: He was the host of Concentration just blow me.
Artie's Mom: [interrupting them, unexpectedly] I made tiramisu, you kids wants some?
Artie DeVanzo: No mom, go back inside!
Artie's Mom: It's in the fridge, you change your mind.
Artie DeVanzo: *Back inside*!
Linda Salvo: I'm so embarrassed right now.
Artie DeVanzo: You're embarrassed I just got cock blocked by my mom!