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Anwar El-Masri (Character)
from "Castle" (2009)

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"Castle: Hunt (#5.16)" (2013)
Richard Castle: They're in another country? How is that possible?
FBI Agent Harris: We don't know, but clearly the kidnappers were working for outside interests. The voices on the call have been identified as Egyptian.
Richard Castle: This isn't a kidnapping for ransom, is it? Why are they in Paris?
Anwar El-Masri: I don't know.
Richard Castle: They took your daughter there, and my daughter along with her. There must be a reason.
Anwar El-Masri: I don't know!
Richard Castle: They're covering their tracks. Why?
Lina El-Masri: Please. They have our daughter, too,

Richard Castle: What did they say?
FBI Agent Harris: It was a ransom demand. Fifteen million euro from anti-Mubarak dissidents. They set an exchange three hours from now.
Kate Beckett: Where?
FBI Agent Harris: In Paris, down by the Seine. Mr. El-Masri, you have to let me contact the local authorities.
Anwar El-Masri: No! They were clear. They see police, my daughter dies. We'll pay to get her back.
Richard Castle: Did they... did they say anything about Alexis?
Lina El-Masri: Anwar insisted, and they've agreed to release both our daughters.
Richard Castle: If there is anything I owe you...
Anwar El-Masri: Owe me nothing.
Captain Victoria Gates: If the police aren't involved, then who's making the drop?
Anwar El-Masri: My wife has a sister living in Paris. Her husband will do the exchange. Now, if you'll excuse us, we have many calls to make.
Richard Castle: Thank you.
Anwar El-Masri: I just pray these men are honorable.

"Castle: Target (#5.15)" (2013)
Anwar El-Masri: I will pay them. I will pay whatever they ask.
Lina El-Masri: What if that isn't what they want? You've made enemies, Anwar.
Anwar El-Masri: In Egypt, not here. This is about money. This is always about money.
Richard Castle: It's also about this man. Hasim Farouk. Have you ever seen him?
Anwar El-Masri: Yeah, I tried to reach Hasim when I learned of this. Perhaps he can help us if...
Richard Castle: Wait, you know him?
Anwar El-Masri: Sara would not accept a bodyguard. So I hired Hasim to watch over her discreetly. Where is he?
Kate Beckett: He died trying to protect her.