Bree Mazelon
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Bree Mazelon (Character)
from "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" (1999)

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"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Delinquent (#12.23)" (2011)
Detective Elliot Stabler: [to Hunter] So how'd your twisted little fairy tale play with I.A.B.?
Bree Mazelon: Stay away from my son, you pervert!
Detective Elliot Stabler: You know he made it up.
Hunter Mazelon: You know, I saw your file on Lieutenant Tucker's desk. It was pretty thick. How many other guys have you been a little too friendly with?
Detective Elliot Stabler: [to Mrs. Mazelon] Has your son ever been taught his actions have consequences?
Bree Mazelon: Hunter, let's go.
Hunter Mazelon: No, why don't we stay here and listen to some more parenting advice from a child molester.
Detective Elliot Stabler: [to Mrs. Mazelon] You let him lie and charm his way out of trouble. You're not doing him any favors.

Bree Mazelon: [to Hunter on the phone] Oh, honey, you don't sound fine. Your speech is slurred.
Hunter Mazelon: That's because I've been drinking, you dumb cow.