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Quotes for
Jeremy Sayer (Character)
from "Criminal Minds" (2005)

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"Criminal Minds: Safe Haven (#6.5)" (2010)
Derek Morgan: [Jeremy is holding his sister at knifepoint] Do you wanna die?
Jeremy Sayer: You won't shoot me when Mommy's little angel can get hurt.
Derek Morgan: Yes or no?
Jeremy Sayer: I'll cut her neck open. I know how to do it. I've practiced.
Derek Morgan: I'm not gonna ask you again, Jeremy.
Jeremy Sayer: You can't shoot a kid.
Derek Morgan: I can shoot a killer. And I will, believe that. If that knife even twitches, I'm gonna put a bullet right through your brain.

Kendra Sayer: I was pregnant with twins. And then one day I wasn't. Is that what you want to hear? The doctor said one fetus consumed the other.
Jeremy Sayer: I wasn't even born yet and you blamed me?
Kendra Sayer: You are rotten to the core! You always have been!
Derek Morgan: [Morgan comes in] FBI! Drop your weapon.
Kendra Sayer: Maybe I made you into a monster because I hated you when you were inside me!
[Prentiss tries to stop her]
Kendra Sayer: But I think I hated you because I knew what you were!