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Harvey Finevoice (Character)
from "Phelous & the Movies" (2008)

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"Atop the Fourth Wall: Anita Blake: The Laughing Corpse #1 and #2 (#3.25)" (2010)
Harvey Finevoice: You know, maybe I just don't swing in the right circles, but I don't know too many deaf people who hang around murderous fat slobs and just smile all day even when no one else does.

Harvey Finevoice: Speaking of medication, I could go for some about now.

Harvey Finevoice: [reading] "I decided not to answer on the grounds that it might piss someone off." Too late, lady. Everything you say is starting to get my hackles up. Isn't this thing supposed to be about monster fightin'?

"Atop the Fourth Wall: Countdown: Part 2 (#2.30)" (2009)
Harvey Finevoice: I've been sitting here for hours. Why the hell hasn't anyone given me my paycheck? I got dames to smooch!

Harvey Finevoice: And now, the conclusion... I play all the Las Vegas rooms and this is the thanks I get for it.

"Atop the Fourth Wall: Gameboy #1 (#4.25)" (2011)
Harvey Finevoice: [singing] Did you ever know that you're my hero?
Pollo the Robot: [speaking; monotone] Because you are the wind beneath my wings.
90s Kid: ROCK ON!

"Atop the Fourth Wall: Sonic Live (#3.38)" (2010)
Phelous: Wears a purdy hat.
Harvey Finevoice: Linkara.
Cinema Snob: He has a magic gun!
Ed Glaser: Where'd he purchase that?
L. Lovhaug: Linkara.
Benzaie: Coins, robots, Amazons and trucks.
Ninja: [holds a sign that says "Linkara"]
Todd in the Shadows: This comic sucks.
Obscurus Lupa: Linkara sits down nonetheless.
Lanipator: Forces himself through it.