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Quotes for
Alex (Character)
from Fallen Angels (2013)

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Fallen Angels (2013)
Lee: This is all in your head!
Alex: My head? you broke it. You broke it!

Alex: We have to go to the police.
Joe: Yeah? and say what? We tried to scare this girl. It all went a bit too far and we accidentally killed her... my bad.
Alex: Yes.

Alex: I don't think I've ever been in a church before.
Joe: They're beautiful aren't they?
Alex: Yeah.
Joe: You should come here more often.
Alex: Yeah... I don't know.
Joe: Why?
Joe, Alex: They're not really for me.

Becky: What if Joe is right?
Alex: What if Joe is wrong? what if we are the ones who need to be punished... what if we are the fallen angels?

Joe: When I meet one... a you know what... he shows me that they need to be punished... he stripped me of my human eyes, so I can now see them for what they really are. I wish you could see it Alex, it's incredible...
Alex: What do you see?
Joe: Words cannot describe it.
Alex: How often do you see them?
Joe: Every day.
Alex: How can I see them too?
Joe: Ask for new eyes, like I did.

Alex: If you're really there. Forgive me.